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Thursday, July 28, 2005

Fantasy Football is a deeply stupid waste of time.

It's also quite addicting. Here's my roster (note that it's a 10 team league):

QBs: Peyton Manning; Aaron Brooks

RBs: Tiki Barber; Clinton Portis; Ronnie Brown (the Dolphins rookie)

WRs: Torry Holt; Anquan Boldin; Steve Smith; Mike Williams (the first time I have ever drafted a Detroit Lion); Plaxico Burress

TEs: Alge Crumpler; Jerome Wiggins

Ks: Shayne Graham; Mike Nugent

DEF: Atlanta

Bottom line: Not bad, but I think my receiving corps is a little weak (again). Holt is the only proven commodity without an injury history. The receivers have been my achilles heel ever year, but I hate using high picks on anybody but a Moss or Owens (and neither one of those guys was around when I drafted). Smith could be great if he's fully recovered--ditto Boldin. But those are big question marks. I'm going to have to look for this year's Brandon Stokely, I think.

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