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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

A Blogging First!

You are viewing the first pictures I have ever uploaded on to this blog.

Great, slobbering thanks to Jamie for both the pics and the tech advice.

The following are from that wedding I mentioned below.

First is a picture of yours truly holding Rachel during her mandatory nap:

The second is a picture of me and Trip, both in approved couture from the George Will Collection (don't get me wrong--I liked the tux--pretty comfortable for a brutally hot day):

Finally, a picture of several partners in crime from Alma High School's Class of 1987. The fellow we're tangling with is on the far left (Ah-ha!), and for some reason is sans kilt and claymore. The groom is second from right, and the other two are known only to the fistful of people with Alma Public Schools affiliation who visit this blog. The gentlemen are Jim Hall and David Ryan, respectively. Good guys.

No, there are no close pictures of Heather--we'll have to scan in our own later.

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