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Friday, June 17, 2005

What the--?

I'm almost convinced the teams haven't switched uniforms.

The problem is, after discounting that I have no explanation for why we've had four straight blowouts in a series that is dead even at 2-2.

Now, giddy fellow citizens of Piston Nation, it's time to take a deep breath and realize this:

It's a three game series, with two of them in San Antonio.

Translation: Game 5 is a must-win for the 'Stons. The exact same effort and efficiency better be displayed, or the championship run is over. No way are they going to win two in SA.

And another thing--it's much more pleasant when your team decides to play basketball and stop the ridiculous whining about bad officiating that made games 1 and 2 such embarrassments. That's because (1) all NBA officiating is bad, and (2) the refs award the aggressive team, not the whiny one.

Finally--was I imagining it, or did Bill Walton actually use the Seinfeldian term "shrinkage" to describe the Spurs? Yeeeouch.

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