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Thursday, June 09, 2005

Another Horror From The Preconciliar Vaults!

Rich Leonardi unearths this gem from the Saint of The Day at American Catholic:

Many Catholics still find singing in church a problem, probably because of the rather individualistic piety that they inherited. Yet singing has been a tradition of both the Old and the New Testament. It is an excellent way of expressing and creating a community spirit of unity as well as joy. Ephrem's hymns, an ancient historian testifies, "lent luster to the Christian assemblies." We need some modern Ephrems—and cooperating singers—to do the same for our Christian assemblies today.

Ah, yes--one of the great evils of our time--individualistic piety! I suppose I should be thankful that the commenter didn't mention fish on Fridays, too. The Borg Collective approach to liturgical reform is bent on stamping that out. You see it in the diktats from the liturgy offices demanding that the faithful Keep Standing and Singing, Dammit! after receiving the Eucharist. Resistance is futile--you will experience renewal. Thou shalt not engage in private prayer in the liturgy.

Nope--no can do. I need time alone with God, and I'll take that time, thank you. After that, you can hit the spinner and try to tell me where my hands and feet go next (red dot, blue dot) in the remarkably creative interpretation of the rubrics, thanks.

Actually, RTWT--Other than than that gagging piece of liturgristle, it's a pretty worthwhile entry. Even the comment itself.

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