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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Upon further review.

The situations of Frs. Fessio and Reese (Car-di-nal Fang!) truly aren't comparable.

In order for them to be truly equivalent, the CDF would have to, in addition to Fr. Reese, fire two prominent staffers at America, appoint Michael Matt as the new executive editor and fold the magazine in with The Remnant, albeit leaving the original name intact. Then Fr. Reese would have to be barred from any association with a successor magazine set up by disaffected America staffers and subscribers--hard as it is to imagine such displeasure on the part of the latter two parties. All of this being done before Fr. Reese was sent off to a hospital chaplaincy in Appalachia, of course.

That's the real analogy here, and one that makes the collective pants-wetting seen in the Boston Globe article even more hilarious.

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