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Sunday, May 08, 2005

I don't get it.

I understand that the media has decided to run with the story of the sacking of a prominent American Jesuit from a position of influence by higher-ups within the order itself. I certainly agree that it is fascinating and newsworthy--the story of tyrannical clericalist Jesuits silencing those beneath them who disagree with their rigorous dogmatism is something that deserves scrutiny.

So, while I'm gratified that it has finally become news, I'm baffled because the timing is odd.

After all, the silencing and exile of Fr. Joseph Fessio and his supporters happened over three years ago. Fr. Fessio has moved on to other things since, and his supporters have taken jobs with other institutions.

Still, the overdue interest of mainstream media in this dispute is welcome, indeed. At last--the tyrants who engaged in this shameful deed will finally be exposed.

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