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Friday, May 20, 2005

Just a quick follow-up for Fay Vincent.

The last real Commissioner of baseball resigned from several Catholic college-related posts, and turned down an honorary degree, in protest of the whatever of Fr. Thomas Reese from his editorship of America magazine.

His reasoning:

He said he's concerned the removal of Reese from America — which some church figures consider too liberal — might signal the Vatican is adopting a hard-line stance.

"I worry that the next step will be to bounce the president of a Jesuit college or university because somebody in Rome would take issue with what these Jesuits are doing," Vincent said. "Are we only going to permit on the campus people who speak pure, orthodox church positions, or are we going to permit some debate and some discussion?"

Just one question for Mr. Vincent:

"Would you have permitted 'some debate and some discussion' of the merits of MLB players gambling on baseball while you were Commissioner?"

Oh, right--that's different. We're talking the national pastime here, not that Jesus stuff. Never mind.

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