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Saturday, July 17, 2004

Ten Random Thoughts from a Lost Week,
Medical Mutterings.
First, thanks for all of the prayers and kind thoughts.  Much appreciated from here, let me tell you.  Today was the first day I've felt something approximating myself, albeit with certain...episodic...limitations.
Now to the random thoughts that have passed (!) through my capacious, uncrowded cranium over the last week.
  1. Gatorade is our friend.
  2. Chinese food--even good Chinese food--is not our friend.  You're better off just tossing the carton directly into the commode.
  3. Imodium is not a miracle drug.  Analogy?  Trying to stop a monsoon with a 12-gauge.
  4. This is not quality reading time.
  5. In house descriptions, the difference between one bath and 1 and 1/2 baths is much, much more momentous than the fraction would indicate.
  6. You make a hell of a lot more than me, buddy--you collect the @#$#ing sample, doc.
  7. You know, brown rice sure looks a lot less appetizing than I remember.
  8.  Maddie, this is a bad time to work on a dad impression--get off the toilet and read later.
  9. There are headaches that make me want to be a guillotine tester.  Sweet, sweet bliss.
  10. Never, ever, ever--in this world or the next--offer me a Squirt.

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