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Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Hiawatha's Revenge.

According to my doctor, 90 percent of the wells/aquifers in northern lower Michigan are just fine.

I may have found one of the 10 percent that is less fine. It may be a bug called giardia [phonetic]. My blood tests came back negative for anything serious (I'm fighting off some kind of infection, from the white cell count), but they decided to draw more to rule out the possibility of West Nile virus (I was bitten by mosquitos helping Dad put in our new and improved hunting blinds on Sunday).


I've spent last night and today contemplating the transient nature of the food and juice in my digestive system (he said delicately). The temp spiked to 103.5 last night, but was fortunately knocked down by ibuprofen. I've had minimal energy and periodic chill attacks. Doc recommended Immodium and lots of fluids.

A nap sounds good right now.

Prayers would also be much appreciated.

And here's my news link of the day, which must be sending Bill Swerski's Super Fans into chest pains of delight: Mike Ditka is contemplating a run for the U.S. Senate.

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