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Monday, July 12, 2004

Back from the family vacation at 26 Pines.

Which is what I refer to as the Price Family Summer Palace, a/k/a "The Cottage."

The 26P comes from the fact that there are 26 pine trees on the lot, which is approximately 3/4 of an acre in size. Not one of the trees is less than 20 feet tall, and they grow like weeds every year.

Makes me think there's something wrong with the septic tank.

Regardless, much fun was had by all, and my nearly three year old daughter is now a jet ski fanatic. Needless to say, Daddy didn't have it running full out with the eldest on board--"full out" being 65 mph (no lie).

Jet skis: loud, dangerous and obnoxious. Unless you're riding one.

[I've always thought Wayne Gretzky should operate a chain of Sea-doo/Bombardier dealerships, for obvious reasons.]

I'll have more detail later, but I've seem to come down with a bug of some kind--I woke up at 4am with a case of the chills, which took forty five minutes to banish. After I woke up, I had a bad case of the sweats, and I've still got the aches and have approximately squat for energy--I move like I've got lead shackles on.

Free diagnosis appreciated.

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