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Thursday, April 15, 2004

Updates on candidate whatsisface.

1. Looks like that American Spectator rumor about a staged confrontation by Kerry using the Mass was total crap.
Say what you will about the Senator, he seems to be doing the opposite, carefully avoiding a confrontation at all costs (ignore the goofball focus on refighting the Reformation). If there was anyplace he could have tried the purported stunt, it would have been St. Louis, where Abp. Burke called him out by name.

Didn't do it, though, did he? Same thing on Easter in Boston, where he went to the New-Agey Paulist Center instead of a parish of the Archdiocese.

None of this makes me like the guy much, but it sure makes me skeptical of the Spectator from here on in.

2. Abp. McCarrick, the subject of a pounding supra, is meeting with the Senator today. So much for the soulful "that's not up to me" Stay-Puf-ery he fed the MSNBC columnist. Perhaps his spine is made of something other than lime Jell-O after all. This bears close watching, and I'd be happy to eat my words mixed with Gravy Train if something comes of it.

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