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Friday, April 30, 2004

Not dead. Busy.

And in a rotten mood to boot.

Yes, the Pistons and Wings are finding some traction (moreso for the first, but we'll take any sign of life from the latter).

The Lions appear to have had a great draft, but you always have to account for this factor:

They're the Lions. The same nimrods who picked such can't miss first rounders as Andre Ware, Reggie Rogers, Aaron Gibson, Bryant Westbrook, Terry Fair...

Then there was their brilliant decision to pick Kalimba Edwards instead of Clinton Portis. Yeah, not like we needed to address the running game three years ago....

The Tigers are assured of their first winning April since 1993. You know: back when their manager was playing shortstop. Yep, been pretty miserable for many a moon.

My part III on SITTM may go up, if anyone's still interested. Up to you.

Oh, and I saw two pieces of prime stupidity which have attracted my attention. Keep watching this space.

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