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Monday, April 19, 2004

Authorities recommend major metropolitan area be provisionally removed from 24 hour suicide watch.

Memo to Tomas Vokoun--remember: You're Tomas frigging Vokoun, not Patty Roy (thank you, Don Cherry).

In other words, to quote Dr. Evil: "Zip it!"

Whew. On to round two, against...I'm hoping not the Avs. The Winged Wheelers have never beaten Colorado in the second round.

For some worthwhile analysis of the NHL playoffs from a Canadian political columnist, of all things, try Colby Cosh's NHL page. One warning, Wing fans--he really doesn't like our team, using terms more applicable to a hater of the evil, evil NY Yankees than our lads. But he's smart enough to give credit where it was due. Also, he's an occasional deployer of inappropriate language--not Slap Shot bad, but it's there.

In other sports news: it appears the Pistons are ready for the playoffs. The only reason I kept watching was to see Darko get in. I sold my wife on the necessity of seeing such a thing, in the midst of a 20+ point blowout.

Anybody else getting the impression that he's a 21st century Chuck Nevitt? Actually, that's not fair to Nevitt, as he didn't come into the league with hype, nor did he develop into a whiner.

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