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Friday, April 23, 2004

Not enough hours in a day, or "An Omnibus Post."

Part III will be up and running by day's end. It's the constructive part of the series, for those of you inclined to regard me as the Bob Knepper of Catholic blogging.

Preview: You can either reach out to the gents and instill healthy male virtues, or you can let them find their way to the recliner, looking forward to the "Women On Trampolines" segment of The Man Show and enjoy male-female ratios starting at 35-65 every Sunday and worsening until you close up shop.

In the meantime, enjoy this snarky piece of photojournalism from an admittedly conservative blog covering an undermanned protest at the Supreme Court (Bad Language Alert). For me, the high point of the post is the reference to the Swiss hair-metal band, Krokus.

Feel free not to discuss hockey or the Wings' powerless play.

"Your women--I wish to buy them!" Ah, the perils of love poetry.

A request for advice from other parents: how long do you have to keep cheering a toilet-training child's bowel movements like a maniac. I mean, I definitely want to keep encouraging Maddie, but at some point, it has to stop. Speaking update: Out of the blue yesterday at the dinner table, she said "Yes, please" and "No thank you." Cool beyond words. D3 is not speaking much, but he calls his sister "Mah-wa," especially when he can't see her.

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