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Thursday, February 05, 2004

Anyone have any experience in getting books rebound?

There's three in my collection I'm looking at, two of which are in more dire shape than the other: Canon George Smith's The Teaching of the Catholic Church, Vols. 1 and 2--the bindings are shot, but the pages are still in fine shape. Both books are 6" by 8" or so. Not so by the way, these are fantastic. If you should stumble across them, grab them (also comes in a bulkier one volume edition, if I recall correctly). I'm surprised TAN hasn't reprinted them.

The other is the Holy Family Edition of the Bible (Douay-Confraternity translation) with the Jean Jacques Tissot paintings, from 1950. It's in better shape, but the binding is starting to break down at the spine and edges. The rest of it is absolutely mint, fresh from the printer, and leads me to think the reason Catholics never read the
Bible is because they are afraid of messing up the pages.

Any experiences--especially the costs involved, and satisfaction with the end result, would be greatly appreciated.

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