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Tuesday, November 04, 2003

Well. So that's what a St. Blog's link blast looks like.

Thanks to Dom Bettinelli, Tom Fitzpatrick, Lane Core, CWN (or Dom x2), Mark and Kathy Shaidle for their links. Apologies to anyone I have missed.

Traffic's gone off the scale the past two days, and that's pretty cool.

I just wish I had something to sell. But, while I have your attention, I have a request:

Our parish is attempting to build an evangelization/welcome back program for adults. I'd like to hear your experiences with any such programs (good/bad), and what issues you would like to have seen addressed had your parish offered such a program. If you were pushed away by the failure of your parish to address an issue, or know people who were, I'd like to hear these examples, too.

Thanks kindly.

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