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Friday, October 25, 2002

Not buying it.

One of the Detroit 4 has apologized. [Thanks to Doug Sirman for the link.]

It's an impressive, thorough apology, but there's just one problem--it makes no sense.

Here's Father's reference to the article:

"There were many points (sentences and paragraphs) removed from the article."

Um, OK. Those must have been all the ones that said NOT! or PSYCH! It's hard to imagine even so liberal a paper as the Detroit Free Press doing an edit job that completely changed the tone of the offending letter. Especially since it was cast as a rebuttal to the commentary critical of Granholm. If it was so badly butchered, then Father should be sending the same letter to the Free Press.

And this response is insufficient in another way. The Archdiocese still hasn't responded to the scandal caused by it. E-mail responses to the disgruntled faithful of the internet does not repair the profound public damage caused by their published work. Public harm, public restitution.

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