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Monday, October 28, 2002

The Boston Bunch.

To the tune of you-know-what:

Here's the story/
Of some lousy bishops/
Who were too busy covering up priestly faults/
They all were unconcerned/
'Bout being shepherds/
They had to save the vaults.

Here's the story/
Of a man named Bernard/
Who was supposed to watch over
This deeply sinful crew/
But he could not recall/
A single foul-up/
T'was nothing he could do.

Till the one day the ordained
Met all the lawyers/
And they learned "ain't no such
thing as a free lunch"/
In truth, they'd now have to pay the piper/
That's the way they all became the Boston Bunch.

The Boston Bunch/The Boston Bunch/
That's the way they became the Boston Bunch.

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