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Monday, October 28, 2002

Another Target for my Errant Catholic Correction Method!

Or ECCM for short. As my three devoted readers know, ECCM is a form of "repentence therapy" for morally obtuse Catholic clergy, whereby I "confront and chase [them] around the parish complex, brandishing a hockey stick and singing the Welsh war anthem 'Men of Harlech', all the while calling upon them to repent."

Looks like I'll have to extend repentance therapy to the laity now. Meet Anne Doyle, budding Unitarian, Granholm supporter, and the moral equivalent of anthrax for St. John Fisher Catholic Church in Auburn Hills. Ms. Doyle is another member of the legion of quasi-Catholic pew warmers who shriek like shrill hairdressers at the use of gender-specific language, but happily endorse the torn-limb-from-limb dismemberment of unborn or partially-born children. Ah, yes: the "Sixties People"TM, continuing to spread the gospel of unfettered self-determination, worshipping at the Church of Me and leaving a legacy of carnage and ruin in their wake.

The good news? The article indicates that Granholm had an 18 point lead over Posthumus among Catholic women in mid-October. That lead is now just 7 points. It's a start.

Meanwhile, it's been eight days without a public response from the Archdiocese to the Detroit 4.


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