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Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Awaiting the additional inevitable college football cancellations.

There were news reports that the Big 10 had voted 12-2 to postpone at least the fall football season. That was walked back, but there is definitely some kind of formal vote happening today involving conference bigwigs.

My prognostication bona fides remain intact, as I incorrectly said that baseball was done a little over a week ago. While it's still dicey, with the Cards the latest to have coronavirus problems, it's still going. I still strongly doubt that MLB will finish even this super-abbreviated season, but "Play Ball!" is still ringing out in empty stadiums.

And while Michigan athletics has done a bang-up job of keeping the virus at bay, the reality is that football is the most likely to see an outbreak, and has the most fragile schedule if it does. The Mid-American Conference, featuring three of Michigan's four directional schools, saw the writing the wall and cancelled on Saturday.

There's just no way you can create bubble conditions for college athletes. And while the revenue hit will be catastrophic, there is just no way around it. Spring ball would be weird, but maybe we will have a real vaccine by then.


  1. May they all suspend & lose billions of dollars. Good riddance to college football.

  2. Well, it's now confirmed. No Big-10 or Pac-10 fall sports.

  3. I'll be honest with you, D. I care less and less about sports. I don't care who it is, my boys or anybody else. And since my Tigers made a HUGE mistake joining the SEC and since this year is a write-off anyway, let it go.


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