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Monday, September 29, 2014

The nadir of Michigan football.

I bleed Maize and Blue, and what happened to Shane Morris on Saturday is inexcusable

You can credit Hoke's claim to have been watching the pass when Morris was hit. Sure--makes sense. OK, fine.

What you cannot credit is the ignorance of the aftermath, including the lack of specific knowledge of whether a concussion check had been done on Morris. 

No. That is bad coaching. It is his responsibility to know. And he didn't. That is bad leadership of the young men entrusted to you by their parents.

No. He has to go, and the Athletic Director has to go with him. 

No more. This isn't about wins and losses--this is about the well-being of the student-athletes who play the game. Enough.


  1. Bleeding Maize and Blue is a metaphor for your Catholic faith? And Brady Hoke is Pope Francis? Amiright?

  2. I'm chuckling ruefully, Squiboda. But, no, I don't think that *quite* works. Basically, Brady Hoke is popular with no one not named "Hoke" or "Brandon" right now...

  3. Never been a fan. But that is still one of the five best uniforms in all of sports. Also, Dan Dierdorf.


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