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Monday, September 08, 2014

And in news--Sport!

The NFL season kicks off at a disorienting time for us Lions fans--on a Monday Night. 

Against the Vile Steve Skojec's Giants, no less.

I have no clear sense of how the Lions are going to surprise and break my scarred heart this year, but they'll no doubt find a way.

I think Jim Caldwell is a decent coach, and probably a sensible change to a steadier hand after the manic Jim Schwartz, who really couldn't find a stable mood for the team. 

This is a *good* thing, and will be better for the team overall. I like the fact he sounds like "Spock on Football." 

They're going to need it, I'm afraid--because I can't see this team doing better than 9-7, with a lot of ups-and-downs. The defense has too many question marks and I'm not sure how Stafford is going to do after last year's miserable passing record down the stretch. Also, I'm worried about Megatron's mileage. He's an Olympian god among men, but he has taken a beating.

So, put me down for somewhere in the 7-9 to 9-7 range. Next year will be Caldwell's first on the hot seat.


  1. At least your team has cause for hope. We Oakland fans are forever looking at the Raiders and thinking - we are three years away from being three years away.

    O, and at least your G.M. does not have a head the size of an Igloo like Reggie McKenzie has.

    Man o man, Megatron is an incredible athlete

  2. I have to imagine that being a Raiders fan is a lot like being an extra in a Kafka novel--"bizarre" doesn't begin to describe it. You have my sympathies. It seems like the Oakland management has been using a Ouija board to make decisions since 1990 or so.

    And, yes--Calvin Johnson is an Olympian god who deigned to play a mortals' game. I am delighted that our very bad franchise managed to acquire him to give us some golden memories. Like Barry Sanders, I've been making sure to appreciate every moment.

  3. Just be glad that you don't live here, bro. Shaun Hill went down in the opener; as of right now, our QB is a kid named Austin Davis. If the opener against the Vikings was any indication, my Rams may be looking at yet another REAL high draft pick next spring.

  4. Check that. Considering that I wrote my Rams off when Bradford went down, this kid Austin Davis has looked DAMNED respectable so far. I still think that we'll draft a quarterback next spring, just not in the first round.