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Thursday, February 21, 2013

To be fair...

After slagging the editors of America, it behooves me to offer praise where warranted. It is certainly warranted for this blog post about the remarkably nasty (and I know nasty) Garry Wills comments on The Colbert Report.

Read it all.

As an aside, it's important to note that Wills is reflexively unpleasant to people who don't share his views.


  1. If you've lost America...

    I fear for the man's soul. He's not interested in enlightening people - he only wants to tear down the Church.

  2. The problem with America's editorial is that is slags Willis for being rude, not for holding heretical views. In fact, they offer this whopper:

    I am personally loath to say that any person—liberal, conservative, whatever—is or is not a Christian solely because of his or her theological beliefs.

    So even when they're right, they're right for the wrong reasons.

  3. Paul beat me to it. Leave it to America to wet their pants about insensitivity while being baffled about what heresy is. With allies like this...

  4. Let me disagree in part: I think it is a salutary experience for those who shrug at heresy to be slapped in the face by a nasty heretic. It's a helpful reminder that it's not just an individual decision, but has wider repercussions.

    Will it change things? I think it nudges the needle, which can't hurt.