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Friday, February 01, 2013


Behold the future, if "progress" continues its jackbooted march:

State-funded university boots Asian Christian group off campus. The crime? Its charter doesn't allow for non-Christians.

Last December, members of Asian InterVarsity Christian Fellowship were summoned before university officials who told them there was an issue with the section of their club constitution related to leadership. In order for students to be InterVarsity leaders, they must sign a statement of faith, but the university said that requirement violated its nondiscrimination policy. InterVarsity member Sara Chang said the group was given the option of submitting a revised constitution, but she and the other students decided to stand firm in their faith. As a result, the university de-recognized the group -- forcing them to relocate off campus.

While I root for Michigan football, I wouldn't shed a tear if the LSA complex was turned into a strip mall. Or even a strip club.

The U of M responded, indicating that the institution would be fine with a Christian group whose charter mirrored the beliefs of this great guy:

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    Wonder if their charter requires adherence to the Five Pillars.

    Just sayin'.