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Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Remember: the collective national IQ has plummeted since 1967.

Amanda Marcotte is Dworkin Barbie: all the anger, only more plastic, derivative and frivolous. Combine it with her My Vulgar Little Feminist writing style and her Chatty Cathy pull-string range, and you have a feast of weapons-grade stupid ever time she hits "Publish." The Octomom picture is fitting--at least the battle of wits between them would be a nail-biter.

Let me be the first to reassure her: she doesn't have to reproduce.

But she will have to live with the consequences of an increasing number of people Living The Marcotte Way. As in, she'd better have one hell of a retirement nest-egg or acquire a taste for Alpo in her old age.


  1. Oh, Amanda. First encountered her in a foam-flecked rant on Pandagon about how, if you weren't eager to have your daughter receive the cervical cancer vaccine, you were a religious zealot who wanted her to die horribly in order to punish her for her sexuality.

    And when I heard John Edwards (or ate least, someone on his campaign) had hired her for digital outreach particularly to the religious - yeah, I laughed myself silly.

  2. Marcotte. Blecch! Other shrill, smug, snarky pro-abortion zealots whose bylines induce disgust are Kathleen Geier and Zoe Pollock.