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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Say what you will about Michael Sean Winters...

...the America Magazine blogger has no shame or sense of irony whatsoever.

Here he is, a scant five weeks ago, pouring syrupy praise on Mary Ann Glendon and confidently predicting a night of the long knives by Catholic conservatives:

Now, of course, the stage at Notre Dame will be shared by someone whom the right has seen as a champion, Ambassador MaryAnn Glendon. There is no denying her credentials either as a conservative or as a pro-life advocate. I will bet dollars to doughnuts the next few weeks will make clear, however, that some on the right will begin attacking Dr. Glendon. Of course, Dr. Glendon, like the University of Notre Dame, is a source of pride for all Catholics, not just for conservatives. I view the world through very different lenses from Dr. Glendon, but I would be blind not to admire her accomplishments, her intellectual force, and her love for the Church. Whatever disagreements I have with her are disagreements within the family. (Of course, the right wing doesn’t view Notre Dame with the same "All in the Family" spirit.) And, in any event, here is a chance to fight another battle in the culture wars so who cares if Dr. Glendon must be thrown overboard?

Here he is today:

Dr. Mary Ann Glendon certainly seems to think it a moral impossibility to share the stage with the President. Given the fact that her last employer, the Bush administration, committed torture which is, last time I checked, an intrinsic moral evil, it is rich to hear her lecturing about moral outrage. I do not doubt Dr. Glendon acted sincerely. She just acted as a sincere Republican. I hope the bishops who are in such high dudgeon about Obama will demand that Dr. Glendon be forbidden from receiving any Catholic honors until she renounces her association with the Bush administration. Unlike Obama, after all, she is a Catholic and clearly falls under the prohibition of such awards to those who violate the Church’s fundamental moral beliefs made in the 2004 document "Catholics in Political Life."

What a two-faced jackass. Not to mention a brazenly dishonest shill, but you can't make a revolutionary omelette without the occasional crass falsehood.

Where your heart is, there your treasure is, also. Looks like Winters' is in the Presidential Seal. "In all things charity"--unless you do something that makes the baby Caesar cry.

Going to be a hoot listening to the "Question Authority" progCath herdmind chanting "Ave Obama Imperator!" for the next few years.

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