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Monday, April 27, 2009

I still have an interest in blogging. Honest.

It's just that I have this thing called "non-internet activity" that tends to interfere with it.

I'm getting over my usual once in 18 months bronchitis (not swine flu--no intestinal issues, and I've been fighting it since right before Easter), Louis has an ear infection and rotovirus which has been projectile-exciting, the rest of the kids were sick with whatever turned into ebola for me, etc.

Oh, and I thank God every day that I am gainfully employed, so that's another crucial "non-internet activity" I attend to.

But, on the good front, we were able to go to the Norman Rockwell exhibition at the DIA, which all of the speaking 3 could appreciate. I also sat in on a lecture to the Asian and Islamic Art forum for a discussion on the artifacts found during the modernization projects in the medieval sections of Cairo during the late 19th century. Fascinating stuff (involving French expatriates, artistes and all-around dandies), and it prompted the first real collections of Islamic art in museums.

We also saw the Freys, and everybody but me and Louis saw the homeschooler co-op's presentation of Twelfth Night. Louis was sleepy after barfing, and the Nazarene church hosting the play had a fine nursery.

I've finished reading three books, two of which I will be able to speak about before September.

Oh, and I've been generously invited by Feddie to write for Southern Appeal, despite my ineradicable (unreconstructable?) Yankeeness. I have accepted, too.

More later.

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