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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Economic survivalism.

From near my hometown, no less.

Meet the Wojtowicz family:

Patrick Wojtowicz's family decided to transform their lives when his paycheck began to shrink last year. A truck driver, he was spending more time on the road, paying his own expenses while waiting for loads. He disliked being away from home for weeks at a time and worried about losing his job. Melissa Wojtowicz is self-employed and works from home.

Their dual paychecks allowed them to live comfortably, but they weren't satisfied, Patrick says. "We would basically buy stuff to feel good," he says. "When that stuff stopped filling the voids we had, we started analyzing what it was that we were really missing. We were missing being around each other."

Which, of course, puts you on the DHS watch list, as Zach (thanks!) points out.

Here's their very interesting blog, True North, talking about living "off the grid."

Tolle, lege!

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