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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Re: the worst day ever in Michigan fandom.

What Mgoblog says goes for me. And the reference to the official Japanese surrender in Tokyo Bay is a nice historical touch.

There's only so much hype, BS and inexcusable coaching one can stand in a lifetime, and I've reached the saturation point.

This team hasn't had a collective set of clockweights since some guy named Brady lined up over center. Nor a killer instinct. Nor an ability to adjust. Nor the sheer strength of will to get off the mat.

As Sports Illustrated said in 1997, the "M" stands for "mediocre."

Sparties, Buckeyes, Nittany Lions fans, all of college footballdom--you're right: the Wolverines are a perennially overrated fraud and an arrogant program that thinks itself immune to reality.

Enjoy the rest of your NCAA football season.

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