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Friday, September 21, 2007

Offer your congrats here!

1. To Franklin Jennings, who is now, in the words of Long Duc Dong, "mellied" and back from the honeymoon. It's all a breeze from here.

Congrats to the Bride and lucky groom!

2. To James Fellrath, whose lovely bride is going in for a scheduled c-section today. Apologies to Jen for crushing her in the fantasy football league game last week. No, there is no crying in FF, and no mercy--not even for ladies in a family way.

The new child will join the handsome Duncan in speaking like a pirate, being experts in soccer, getting bekilted, using words like "laddie," scarfing haggis and generally being the most Scottish folk ever surnamed Fellrath.

Congrats, and hope all goes well. We expect--nay, demand!--pictures of the child and soon.

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