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Thursday, September 13, 2007


Kathy Shaidle has new digs. Be warned, however: despite the title, there's a decided and stunning shift in tone and emphasis, with posts about feng shui, fashion tips, and (!) making your own pillow shams. Despite this, I'm happy to update the blogroll. Soon.

Longtime commenter Franklin Jennings is getting himself hitched this weekend (using the Extraordinary Form), and Jim Cork hosted the bachelor party. Congratulations and welcome to the world of the Much More Responsible, Franklin!

I owe a friend some overdue (English understatement) assistance, and work is bonkers of late, so--wait for it--posting will be sparse.

However, look for the review of this on the weekend. Early comment: the best so far.

Despite my vow, I'll probably watch bits of what has been dubbed the "Cripple Fight" between Michigan and ND this Saturday. Heck, I watched the Lions last Sunday.

And, by all means, laugh it up, anti-Wolverines. Two words for next year: Les Miles.

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