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Monday, August 13, 2007

Man vs. house.

Checklist for blog host:

1. Put new door closer cylinder on back door.

Check--unnervingly easy. Waiting for it to explode.

2. Put new edger to work on sidewalks.

About one third done. Difficulty level--insane. We have a corner lot. It's quite evident no one's ever run an edger on the property since the sidewalks were poured in the'50s. The edger attachment is top-heavy to boot. In a word, it's sodbusting. Ouch. What I have completed does look nice, though.

3. Install new toilet float, pump and seal.

Requires removal of cistern and installation of new mounts. Because this has the potential to be a slapstick classic, I'm saving it for next to last. Why, yes, I do have a wet/dry vacuum.

4. Install two pieces of metal carpet trim.

Saving the least challenging for last. Measure and cut with hacksaw. Something tells me I'll be looking forward to it after number 3.

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