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Monday, November 28, 2005

Back--and a quick question.

Went to Mom and Dad's for L-Tryptophan Day (the Lions turn it into a grim form of bulimia), and we arrived back late yesterday. Getting up to speed will take time, and I have come down with the usual seesaw temperature-induced respiratory illness (a high of 15 on Thursday, 55 today--Michigan....)

Anyway, Heather has taken the plunge and is a catechist for eighth graders (in a fit of obvious negligence, the DRE has not equipped her with a Taser). Since we have arrived at Advent, she has a question in need of your answer: Why is Advent only four weeks long? We get the lengths of Christmas, Lent and Easter, but what's with Advent?

Your input will be appreciated.

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