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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

In victory, magnanimity.

An Open Letter to Fans of the Michigan State Spartans:

Last week was almost dreamlike, wasn't it? For the first time in two generations, the football team was ranked above Michigan and favored at home. A team with a potent offense--a veritable gatling gun--headed by an experienced senior QB, facing a shaky, shaky Michigan team unable to score when it counts, and unable to stop a QB with the mobility of a bridge abutment.

Everything was falling into place.

Then there was the joy of being a member of Spartan Nation, with the green and white faithful coming out of the woodwork. Everywhere you looked, proud, confident fans were sporting the white block S on green baseball caps.

Then there was the dreamlike weather, mid-70s with crystalline Michigan skies unspotted by clouds, the tens of thousand of loyalists converging on the banks of the Red Cedar in East Lansing, enjoying tailgates and enthusing over the coming game, jibing at the hated Wolverines and their jackass fans. Some were even looking ahead to the inevitable clash of top-10 teams--MSU v. Ohio State--two weeks later at the Horseshoe.

"Next Year" had finally arrived, and Michigan--hated, arrogant, resented Michigan--was in for an overdue humbling.

At long last. The feeling was as overpowering as it was certain.

Did you enjoy that cresting wave, Spartan fans?

I hope so.

Because it's over now.

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