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Tuesday, February 08, 2005

It probably is.

The Scene:
Madeleine, sitting at the lunch table last Friday (I had the day off). Mom boils up some tortellini, but Maddie decides she wants a peanut butter sandwich instead.

No way. We don't make separate meals for the kids.

Maddie decides this would be a good time for a meltdown.

But instead of screaming, she pulls her arms to her side, grunts and screws up her face, looking for all the world like Dick Butkis from the old NFL Films highlight reels. We studiously ignore her.

She continues to grunt-growl, and slowly her face turns beet red.

Heather and I lose it, and start laughing.

She stops, glares at us, and yells:

"This is harder than it looks!"

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