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Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Ah, popularity.

Eau de sour grape? Perhaps--a little.

About that 2005 Catholic Blog Popularity Contest.

To quote Jim Carrey: "It's an honor just to be nom--"

Hold off on the same consoling words from last year, all of which boil down to:

"But Dale, your blog doesn't fit into any of the categories. You need your own category! Yadda. Blah. Spam. Spam. Spam. Spam."

Maybe so. But I don't think there's ever going to be a category for Blog By A Man Whose Writing Style Often Suggests He's Thirty Seconds From Experiencing a Rage-Induced Aneurysm, do you?

Perhaps I'm wrong. Wait till next year!


The Good (underrated category):

The selections of Jeff Culbreath and Hilary at Fiat Mihi, as well as Fr. Al "Is he Catholic Yet?" Kimel's Pontifications and SAM. All good and, for some reason, underappreciated sites.

The Bad (Omissions):

Lane Core? Come on. The Blog from the Core getting zilch is a bad, bad joke.

Eve Tushnet. Perhaps the most undervalued Catholic blogger in all of cyberspace. She deserves way, way, better.

David Morrison. See Eve Tushnet.

The Mommies. Sleepy Catholic moms deserve the accolades (as my wife screams "Amen!").

Fr. Rob Johansen. Have we forgotten his work for Terri Schiavo already?

The Mighty Barrister. How about a Lifetime Achievement category?

The Surprising:

The astonishing--and perhaps oddly so--popularity of a blog I'd never heard of before: Catholic Apologetics of America. I felt vaguely out of it when I read the nominations, but then again it appears nobody else really has heard of it, either.

Still, it must be nice to have such devoted readers...

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