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Friday, March 12, 2004

Prayer request for friends in Spain.

I love Spain--one of my favorite places, and I hope to go back there one day.

One of Heather's friends, Lisa (a college sorority sister), and Lisa's boyfriend, German, live in Madrid. We haven't heard from them, but that doesn't mean much given that the only contact info we have for them is an older e-mail address. They have a band--the closest analogy for their sound is Yo La Tengo--and they do a haunting cover of "Just Like Heaven."

They are both American citizens, so the fact I haven't heard anything about Americans being involved helps.

I rode the subways in Madrid during my bohemian moment in 1989, with two friends. We joked that if they served beer on the cars, we'd never have left--we could have watched the Spanish women 24/7.

Backpacks were everywhere: on tourists, students--you stopped noticing them very quickly.

[Update: As I said in the comments, they are both fine. They live in Madrid, but a distance away from the explosions. Although Lis was on her way to the subway when she heard about it.

Heather spoke with her at length on Friday, and they are coping.

Whether our phone bill will cope is another matter....but I'll get over it pretty quick.]

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