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Sunday, March 14, 2004

Lileks on "Sophisticated" Terrorists.


I’m somewhat annoyed by the assertion that this act was “sophisticated,” and hence the work of those brilliant stratgerists of Al Qaeda. My definition of sophistication is somewhat different: it’s an unmanned drone flying over Pakistan, piloted by a guy in Florida, dropping a laser-guided bomb into the passenger cab of a truck full of Taliban. That’s sophistication. Synchronizing watches on detenators is not exactly all that tough.

I'll go him one better: "Sophistication" would be the ability of your home nation(s) to produce or duplicate wristwatches, semtex, or even subway cars.

As opposed to merely holding squatter's rights to several bazillion gallons of fermented triceratops.

[FWIW, I don't think this is the ETA, either--Basque nationalists are more than a little like their Irish counterparts--butchery of six month old babies doesn't go over well with most supporters of the cause, many of whom have a residual attachment to a faith that frowns on such.]

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