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Thursday, March 04, 2004

Let's dispense with this argument, right now.

"The gospels don't offer that much detail about the Crucifixion, so how do you get a movie out of it?"

And? This proves what? Most manuscripts of the Gospel of St. Mark don't depict a resurrected Jesus, either.

More importantly, the gospels were deliberately sparing of details because the evangelists assumed (1) the readers had the cultural background or (2) teachers would help fill in the details.

Let's try an analogy: if Jesus lived in 21st Century Metro Detroit, and went to see the Tigers play the Red Sox at Comerica, an account using the same style would simply report it as "He went to a baseball game."

The Gospel would not say that the Tigers' starting pitching collapsed after 4 and a third, that Manny Ramirez was moody, nor would it indicate when the infield fly rule was in effect. That is, of course, no argument against the occurence of each of those events, contained as they are in the spare account, "He went to a baseball game."

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