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Thursday, December 21, 2017

Merry Christmas.

El Greco's Nativity.


  1. Forgive the comment here but I no longer post at The American Catholic Blog, except rarely in sympathy regarding the loss of Don's son.

    Anyway, I was raised/taught to think of Benedict Arnold as a turncoat traitor. I know next to nothing about him other than that he was a business man, who got into the Army. I believe along the way he, being a balancer of books as a man of business, came to see serious disorganization among the states/colonies, through his experiences during the long conflict, and came to conclude that the colonies/states would, ultimately be defeated by the British. So, he figured, since the British would win, that it made more sense to help them, rather than suffering dire consequences AND then, he could do more good, HERE, if he was on good terms with the eventual winners, which made sense to him would be the British. So, he jumped ship.

    I would do that, from the Catholic Church, if there actually was another place to go. The Orthodox are merely adulterers who can't face themselves and the splintered Christian Churches are more of the same, but worse, depending upon their deviances. The menu is quite large and quite varied to accommodate any tastes.

    My thoughts may be out in the bleachers somewhere, but that is how I view him now.

    Just wanted to say that here, cause I won't at The American Catholic.

    God bless.