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Friday, December 15, 2017

Meh. You know how it's all going.

Those who see the unfolding destruction see it, and those will not, won't. 

But make no mistake--you will be made to decide.

Even those who just want to keep their heads down until "things blow over."

They won't. 

The frenzied chant of "Forward, always forward!" and the insistence on process-starting can never "blow over."

And nothing is safe from the regime of mercy's caustic solvents.  

Keep comforting yourself with hyper-parsing distinctions and "Oh, he hasn't changed any doctrine" or "translation error" or "not official" and all the other quasi-scholastic cant that has been uttered since he and his St. Gallen confreres appeared on the balcony. All of which sounds like insisting on continuing with a formal debate whilst the ship is listing more and more to the port side.

In the meantime, the storm rages unabated.

Happy Advent.

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