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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

The politics of personal destruction, redux.

This is just...loathsome, repellent, disgusting--you name it.

And it's not just the fact a young mother of two is being put through the ringer of false accusations and scurrilous, giggling insults, bad though that is.

It's the fact self-declared Christians like Sarah Huckabee (daughter of former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee) won't disassociate themselves from it.

Even though her dad is quite visible and audible about the persecution of Christians when it suits his political purposes.

If nothing else, this primary season has been very instructive, revealing a dazzling, if oily, spectrum of true colors. 


  1. Sarah Huckabee is a prime example of the "apple not falling far from the tree." There was dad's whisper campaign meant to deligitimize Romney to the Evangelicals in 2008, and now this.

  2. The whole thing is unworthy of any comment. All of them thrive on celebrity. All of them. Sorry, but can't manage anything other then a yawn.

  3. The politics of the day seems to mirror the society of today which is no longer polite or even civil.

  4. She's in a cleft stick because she works for the Trump campaign but does not necessarily know what the social media director did do and did not do.

    I'll offer some eye-rolling that this incident is an excuse to launch attacks on her father.

    There are Trump admirers (Don Surber, for one) who are eager to take this mess at face value, of course. They'll push it when they tucker out repeating themselves in a continuous loop re Cruz having been born in Calgary.

    1. Eye roll away Art. It's not like enumerating the Huckster's distinguished history of jackassery is likely to have any impact on you.

    2. Well, the last example I was given of Huckabee's supposed 'jackassery' consisted of highly speculative talk about his personal finances, incorporated within which was the thesis that his presidential campaign was a ruse to garner attention so he could make his mortgage payments. That particular individual also professed to be shocked that a Huckabee aide would, passing through Iowa 8 years ago and working the phones, trash Mitt Romney's campaign.

      The first of these is pretty inventive. The latter is weirdly contrived. No, neither one is going to have much impact on me, for obvious reasons.

      The woman works for the campaign. Maybe she should work somewhere else, but it's a bit de trop to expect her to issue a denunciation of another campaign employee (all the moreso if she's been caught flat-footed by the question, which would not surprise me given her demeanor). A drive-by directed at her father strikes me as gratuitous.

      This whole business has turned into a godawful mess. Trump's more responsible for that than anyone else. Trump, not Huckabee.

  5. Dale please tell me you can find happiness in this?

    Pope Francis Shatters Reformers’ Dreams with ‘Modern Family’ Document

    That is all I have to say to you on this matter.