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Monday, March 28, 2016

God rest her stout soul.

When the Almighty made Rita Rizzo, He vaporized the mold

Starting a Catholic TV network from scratch in northern Alabama? 

Why not?

So Mother Angelica did--and it took flight and became a powerhouse.

Rest well, good and faithful servant. And pray for us.


  1. Back in the late '90s, after one of her live shows, Mother Angelica hugged my (about) six year old daughter (we were in the studio audience). I told her for years after that that she was now a third class relic.

    I was very sad to read about her passing. In fact, at this point in my life Church-wise, I was rather shocked at how affected I was to read this. Couldn't even visit the EWTN site because I didn't want any coworkers to come in and see me weeping at my desk. Rest in peace, Mother Angelica.

  2. I can't think of a better epitaph than this. When I cash in my stack, I hope that people can't think of me without smiling. Because that's how I think of Mother Angelica.