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Monday, October 20, 2014

On popping the corks at halftime.

So, we're now officially halfway done with the Synod on the Family.

That bears repeating: we're halfway done. It is not over.

And yet, from all the facile (and often juvenile) celebrations, everyone seems to be acting like it is. This is...unwise. Was the report itself fine? Probably, but we'll have to see the official translation later this week. 

But that's not the point. The document isn't the cincher. 

The issue is this: Do you think those who produced the destructive mid-meeting report are just going to roll over and go away? Do you think the German bishops, led by Walter "No Africans Need Apply" Kasper, and those in sympathy with them, are going to stop promoting their proposal?

Unless you're an idiot, the answer to the above is a resounding "no."

Instead, I have seen and I have heard – with joy and appreciation – speeches and interventions full of faith, of pastoral and doctrinal zeal, of wisdom, of frankness and of courage: and of parrhesia. And I have felt that what was set before our eyes was the good of the Church, of families, and the “supreme law,” the “good of souls” (cf. Can. 1752). And this always – we have said it here, in the Hall – without ever putting into question the fundamental truths of the Sacrament of marriage: the indissolubility, the unity, the faithfulness, the fruitfulness, that openness to life.

If the Kasper proposal is not an assault on marriage (along with being a bonus attack on Penance and the Eucharist), then nothing is. And yet the Pope clearly believes otherwise. With that in mind, the partisans of divorce have every reason to continue their efforts. And they will, directing their messages to the local churches, which means the task of response falls even more to the laity.

The ending of the Synod was a check to heterodoxy, not checkmate. Brace yourself for a long and contentious year. Pray without ceasing and present the truth without compromise. Be the sensus fidei. And brace for the attacks. They are coming.


  1. The Catholic Church is all through. When the Pope encourages his bishops to debate questions they ought to envision as resolved, you have a trojan horse on your hands, not a leader. The language of the interim report on homosexuals - language clearly supported by Francis - is frightening. The very fact that it was proposed shows the degree to which the rot has taken hold. I've left the Church and will not be looking back. I honestly feel badly for those of you that stay on in the hope that it will achieve its promise. You deserve something better.

    1. Owing to having Jesus as her head, the Catholic Church is never through even though it is undeniable she has ceased speaking and teaching the fullness of truth.

      Now, there are all manner of reasons proffered to explain the causes of her silence about Salvific truths but those attempted explanations are all but drops of water in the Tiber flowing beneath the bridges over it.

      One must simply soldier on knowing that if Hurricane Francis, Our Pope and Our Cross, tries to change Catholic Teaching, God will withdraw His providence from him and he will die.

      It really is that simple.

      M.J. agrees with Dale's pertinent post here and he adds that while the Bishop of Rome suffered a humiliating defeat in battle the war ain't over.

      However, it will be over by the final report of this crummy Synod for it is an infallible teaching that the Apostolic See will never - as in never ever - fail; that is, the Catholic Church could cease to exist (as it has in America outside the Caves of Covadonga - FSSP, ICK etc) in, literally, every single country on Earth but the Apostolic See will never fail.

      With that infallible truth in mind, one sees this war of Francis' headed for an ineluctable and complete failure and there is no doubt in M.J.s mind that he is courting death in office with his tempting of Christ.

      However, as Christ is far more merciful than is M.J. there exists the possibility Our Pope and Our Cross will understand he is doomed to failure about the time the final Synod report is due and he will abdicate like Bishop Emeritus Ratzinger did.

      O, and why was B.E. Ratzinger silent while the Vicar of Christ opposed Christ?

      Keep-up your great work, Dale.You are a realist who is a blast to read

  2. Leaving the Church to go where? Please re-think your position. The One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church will never perish. The Catholic Church is the Mystical Body of Christ and He will always guard her. Hang on. Find a Traditional Latin Mass, or an SSPX chapel and pray. Remember the 10 Commandments are still in force, still the Truth, still a source of comfort. God will NOT be mocked. Please stay under the mantle of Our Lady. And She wants you to stay close to her Son through the Holy Mass and the Rosary.

    1. To go where? Into the peace of a tranquil, private relationship with the Son of God, looking for His form in the world and responding to it as required. I've not been the kind of Catholic that has made an idol out of the past. I was fine with the theology and teaching of Joseph Ratzinger. Your concern for me is appreciated, however. Thank you..

  3. As if the play of "Press release early and often; shape the popular narrative of what the Church 'really' believes and is changing to accept. Then treat the 'official' report later as a dead letter." hasn't been run before.

    With good effect.

    So why should proponents abandon that strategy? It's an approach that keeps working, so they will keep doing what works for them as long as it keeps working for them.

    This isn't really mysterious or hard to understand.

  4. Yep, the initial report is in the bloodstream, and the inclusion of the rejected paragraphs will reinforce it. And yet, the Chip Dillers are too intent on eradicating their brethren to notice the replay of history.

    As I said, juvenile. And all too predictable...

  5. I think a good question to ask is: What good has been done? People that have left the Church because of Homosexual issues aren't coming back (and I'll go ahead and add, probably feel even better about leading sinful lives) and people that are abusing Jesus's Mercy feel more smug in doing so. And even more Catholics march up to Church each Sunday not realizing they are abusing Jesus's Mercy, so the "divorce" and "gay" issue confuses them all the more.

    I know in my own work at RCIA, I'll have to steer the conversation away even more from "Yes, some people are saying that, but before we focus on the inner workings of the Church, let me just explain..."

    And Pope Francis's silence is... not convincing. I'll leave it at that.

  6. It won't do any good. If taking your cues from the Zeitgeist were a way of reaching the lost, then the ECUSA and UCC wouldn't be bleeding out. Assuming it's in good faith, it's a fool's errand repeatedly-disproved by the results.

    The Pope hasn't been silent. It's just that people who should know better are rejecting the evidence to the contrary.

  7. Dale,

    Perhaps I should not put this here, but seriously reconsider posting any of Jim's comments as they do no good for you or Jim. There are a couple of commenters at TAC who I've banned who nonetheless never get the hint and keep leaving comments that thus appear in the spam folder. Occasionally I'll glance at them for their humor, but largely I just ignore them. It's doing you no good to have this intermittent thing with him,

    And feel free to delete this comment if you are so inclined.

  8. You are 100% correct, Paul. Thank you. I'm going to delete the exchange.

    1. For what little it is worth, I apologize for my behavior on this thread, and apologize unreservedly to Mr. Scott.

  9. Fine since Dale can't resist the temptation to selectively debate me after telling me he doesn't want too & yet keeps sending me mixed messages by responding then I here and now VOW on my honor that I won't ever post anything in his combox again.

    If I see him out on the internet I won't even respond to him.

    From now on we are both invisible to each other.


    I am sorry I thought you made the "cold dead eyes" crack but I am not sorry for trusting my wife, ever.


    Dale you don't even have to post this if you don't want too.

    My vow is unconditional.

  10. Even thought this technically violates the vow(that didn't take long) I just made I just want to say I apologize unreservedly to you too Dale. I am sorry for any distress I caused you and you will not hear from me again.

    Also I apologize for breaking my Vow.

    Don't publish this if you would let us leave it all unsaid.

    1. Accepted unreservedly. Go with God, and in peace.