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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Let's see if I have this straight...

"Eugenio Scalfari is such an unreliable interviewer with bad practices that we are issuing yet another statement affirming his essential accuracy after yet another interview with the Pope. Any questions?"

"Oh, and we're putting his first inept-but-accurate interview back on the official website. So there!"

If you're not at least chuckling at Fr. Lombardi's endless games of rhetorical Twister--check your pulse.


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  2. I'm liking the game of Hokey-Pokey they keep playing with the "transcript" of that first interview.

    And I'm laughing myself silly these days.

  3. This is perhaps a little easier on me because I have, in fact, been born into a world without grownups (I'm 31), so I don't expect anyone to be one, from Senators and Presidents to Popes and Bishops.

    But I do continue to learn from the adults of the past, thanks to books and the Holy Spirit.

  4. William,
    Interesting observation. I'm only slightly older and I have the same expectation regarding the lack of adults.
    I'm reminded of Noel Coward's delightful song, from the mid-1950s IIRC, "What's Going to Happen to the Children".
    Worth a listen if yours not familiar with it. Same with Cole Porter's "Anything Goes".
    As the Wise Man says, "Nihil novum sub sole."

  5. Dude, thanks Flambeaux. That was awesome!

    Ugh, and Noel Coward too! The guy who wrote Private Lives! I can't believe we stopped having a culture worth paying attention to in the 1950's. Well, I can. It's just sad!

  6. As Coward observed, even then the "grown ups" were trying, and had been trying very hard for at least a century, to stop growing up. Wars interrupted the trajectory but no one learned their lessons. There have been various social experiments over the last 50-odd years to do away with children so that the "Youth" don't have to grow up and take care of them (or confront ageing and mortality).

    But it all amounts to the same thing: everything's been downhill since Adam took the Fruit and ate.