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Friday, July 18, 2014

If you're in the area on August 2, 8 or 10... can hear some guy sing and act in a Broadway musical.

Come on--all your friends will be jealous. Or something.


  1. Porter would be me, though my namesake son is in the ensemble, too. Along with Maddie, Rachel and Louis.

  2. Dale,

    A priest friend of mine recently had his manuscript picked up by a Catholic publisher. The intention is to have this published and ready for sale in March 2015. Very interesting topic from a priest who is friendly to tradition. Since you mentioned an interest in book reviews, I will get a complimentary copy to you if you would consider offering a review.

    Though we haven't met in person yet, we are FB friends. I will drop a line to you there once the book gets closer to its release date.


    Frank I.