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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

A very interesting infrastructure project.

Actually, substitute "insane but admirable" for "interesting": a transcontinental tunnel under the Bering Strait.

Yes, it's an older story, but it's news to me. Leaving aside the engineering issues, I have only one question: did we green-light it at our end, or will it just be that one of these days Pootie-Poot is going to emerge from the ground near Nome shirtless and shovel in hand, to the adoring applause of the Russian press?

American approval seems to be a rather significant bit of data the article is lacking.


  1. I still remember reading A Transatlantic Tunnel, Hurrah! and enjoying it.
    I'd love to read Steve Sterling's take on this trans-Bering Strait tunnel.

  2. Dale,

    Sounds like the ChiComs may be in on this, too.