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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

"A Rival Good to God's."

Tom Piatak explains why Cardinal Kasper's divorce proposal is anything but serene and prayerful theology:

Cardinal Kasper’s proposal does more than denigrate the sacrifices of those who have struggled to remain faithful to Christ’s teaching on the indissolubility of marriage and the impossibility of remarriage after divorce.  By signaling the Church’s acceptance of divorce, Kasper’s proposal would create more divorces, just as liberal “reforms” of civil divorce laws created more divorces.  We now know how damaging divorce is for children, even adult children.  We also know that changing Church practice would increase divorce because, as the invaluable 1964 blog affiliated with the Center for Advanced Research in the Apostolate noted in September 2013, American Catholics still have a lower divorce rate than other groups. Belonging to the only Church that does not allow divorce still discourages divorce, despite the paucity of sermons on the indissolubility of marriage in recent decades.  If Church teaching in this area were watered down, we could certainly expect the Catholic divorce rate to catch up to the general divorce rate, and then remain at that same high rate for the foreseeable future, with all the disastrous consequences this implies for the children whose parents divorce and for society as a whole.

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  1. Also, today's NYT has an excellent article by Ross Douthat, very clearly laying out the implications of Kasper's proposal.

  2. Honestly, the Church has long(at least in my personal adult memory and experience) been about readily facilitating the dissolution of marriages under the guise of annulments. Kasper and others have just been given "official cover" from their leader to bring to the for what has long been the reality in the trenches.

    I have known others long living it and have long done so myself and seen its disgusting consequences for decades. Today is the playground of the miscreants. Gone are the restraints on their perversity....."my precious".

    Christ, have mercy.