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Friday, January 11, 2013

You're still visiting!

Well, thank you. Since I'm as reliable as a rain dance in the posting department.

Just when I think I can go at a steady clip, something of higher priority jumps in. Speaking of which: prayers for my mother-in-law would be appreciated, as she had a health scare, and has since transitioned from independent living to life in a decent group home. It was a turbulent couple of weeks in late November-early December.

I recently de-activated my FB account for an indefinite period, so that should be one less screeny distraction.

I have found another, but it is more pragmatic: I'm indexing the Price Book Archives, and it is a daunting task. I am using LibraryThing, which is superb.

But, Lord--I have a lot--a LOT--of books. Here's my start, which I update with great frequency. Please note it is by entry, which can (and does) mean that there are sometimes multiple volumes (encyclopedias, etc.) grouped under one entry.

And, yes--my Much Better Half has correctly diagnosed that part of my motivation is "a d-ck-measuring contest." Sure--I'm bragging, to a certain extent. But it is nice to have the ability to sort, categorize and just flat-out keep track of books.


  1. Ah, you're back. Good to see.

    I saw you posting some comments over at Shea's blog, and I thought to say something like "What are you doing here? You should be posting at your own blog!" But the conversations were serious and I didn't think that would be too well received. The upshot is: Good see you're still above dirt, prayers for the MIL, and good luck with the catalogue.

  2. Some of my comments there will migrate here.

  3. Very glad to see you back. Missed your posts but figured you were busy-enough to not bother by email.


  4. Welcome back, Dale. Impressive collection of books you got there.

  5. A life outside of the 'blogosphere.

    What a concept.

    Actually living and not posting.


    Love the website for book catalogues, just got done bookmarking it. My small collection here needs it. And it will be a good start to when I can get to the rest.

    Prayers for your MIL and you.

    Write when you can.