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Friday, January 11, 2013

And in royal news...

...and sorry, House of Stuart legitimists, it has to do with the descendants of the "Import-A-Kraut" policy the English used in the bad ol' days...

...the Duchess of Cambridge's official portrait was revealed.

To less than universal acclaim, he says with English understatement.

It looks like it is getting a slightly--but only slightly--better reception than Graham Sutherland's official portrait of Churchill ("It makes me look like a half-wit," he grumbled), which the Missus eventually destroyed.

I dunno--it doesn't look that bad.


  1. The painting's not ugly, certainly. (It'd be quite a lot of work to make the Duchess of Cambridge look ugly.) She comes across as somewhat cynically amused, perhaps--which definitely isn't her public persona, but she surely runs into plenty of sources for cynical amusement were she so inclined.

  2. The only problem that I cans ee is that it looks like the cover of a magazine, rather than a royal portrait.